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Jan 08

By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Violent Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Colorado Criminal Law- Courts Make It Hard To Disqualify The District Attorney – 20-1-107 – Recent court decisions in Colorado make it nearly impossible to disqualify a Colorado District Attorney. Colorado’s District Attorney Disqualification Statute – § 20-1-107 Under Colorado law disqualifying a District Attorney is governed by 20-1-107 of the Colorado Revised Statutes C.R.S. Section 20-1-107(2), C.R.S. provides an inclusive list of … Read The Rest

Jun 22

By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Assault And Violent Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Colorado Self Defense Laws – Is There A Duty To Retreat From An Attack Before Acting In Self Defense? – The assertion of the right of self defense in Colorado assault cases can be complex. An important component of exercising your right to self defense is understanding whether you have a duty, if attacked, to retreat from a confrontation. This article addresses that precise issue. … Read The Rest

Aug 31

By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Violent Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer 2016 Colorado Police May Do A Pat Down Search If You Ask Them For A Courtesy Ride – A Colorado panel of the Colorado Court of Appeals creates new law that may change how the police assist Colorado citizens when they need help – such as a “courtesy ride.”. The new case – decided in August of 2016 (and subject to appeal) is People v … Read The Rest

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